Online Food Ordering Statistics You Need to Know!

Online Food Ordering Statistics You Need to Know!

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the online food ordering statistics you need to know, it is very much important to know some of the food ordering statistics which will help you to clearly understand this online business to increase the sales.

Nowadays, many people are converting their services to the online platform or making an investment in an online platform like websites and mobile app development. Food Industry demands are increasing day by day, people are moving towards online services.

In this present time, many of the food industry owners, restaurant owners or entrepreneurs are making an investment in food ordering and food delivery mobile apps, Web apps and websites.

Through online platforms, the owner can easily explore their business and also use various online or marketing tools for the benefits of the business.

Similarly, Users are also accepting online services because this will help them to easily check the various restaurant services through a single screen, the user can check their favorite food items and make the order. Food can also be delivered to the doorstep of the customers which will save a lot of time and sometimes it is cost-effective.

If you are thinking of initiating an online platform then it is required for you to know the profits or revenue earned from the online food ordering business. Some of the most successful on-demand food ordering and delivery services like Zomato, Swiggy and more are earning millions through the platforms.

You can also initiate your business to this food industry and Start to generate revenue but for that, you really need to work hard. You have to plan the best strategies for this business, make an investment, hire the best software development company, staff members and more. If you have a successful business model then nothing can stop you.

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Let’s discuss some of the facts and food ordering statistics for a business:

  • More than 30% of the people use third party delivery services at least twice a week
  • More than 35% of people spend more than $60 on food ordering services
  • More than 58% of people say that they access online food delivery services
  • It is observed that an order placed using Mobile apps will become more than $42 billion industry at the end of 2020
  • 45 to 55% of customers say that mobile ordering services encourage them to access online ordering services
  • 60-70% of the restaurants say that offering food delivery services has helped in an increment of sales

So from the above discussion, you probably get the overall ideas that the online food ordering and delivery services demand is going to increase in future. Lest discuss the reason behind the increasing demand for the food ordering and delivery platforms.

Why is the demand for online food ordering and delivery services increasing day by day?

Online food ordering and delivery platforms are considered as one of the easiest ways to get rid of daily cooking food. Sometimes people get bored of cooking as well as eating home-cooked food. As per some research, it is observed that on an average one of every four customers uses the food ordering app on the mobile apps.

This service was first initiated in the urban communities and now it is spread to all over the world including small to big towns. The reason behind the increasing demand for food ordering and delivery services is that in today’s world, time is a priority for everyone compared to anything. And due to this delivery directly to the doorstep is considered as one of the best options.

If we look out at the current trend then men and women both are working for satisfying their luxurious needs in the current era. So it is required to have a solution by which users can easily check and order their favorite disease and that will be delivered to their doorstep at a certain time period. 

By eliminating various problems, Food ordering and delivery platforms have created a strong image in the market which also allows online multiple payment options, convenient or fast delivery of the food item, access of discounts or offers, loyalty programs and more.

If you are thinking of launching any online platforms for your food industry or as a food startup then it is must for you to know and understand the different food delivery models to choose which one is best for you as per your requirements.

Online Food Ordering Statistics You Need to Know!

Two Different Types of Food Delivery Models:

  1. Aggregate Food delivery Model

    There are various different types of models which helps food delivery partners to generate revenue. Some of the restaurants are outsourcing their delivery services and generating approximately 125 dollars. In the Aggregate Food delivery model, Aggregators has to take care of the delivery services that the restaurant has to deliver to its customer’s doorstep. Aggregator food delivery app offers the multiple restaurants option to a single platform. The example of Aggregate food delivery models is Swiggy, Zomato, Food Panda and more. Aggregators can earn through the fixed margin per the order delivery which is paid by the restaurant. As per the research, it is concluded that aggregators earn a margin of around 50% excluding the taxes and interests.

  2. Personal Branded Restaurant Website or Apps.

    This is all about the restaurant’s services where restaurants are managing all the services from food ordering to delivery. They generate around 185 dollars by their business per customer. The restaurant generates a high amount of revenue by offering their own delivery services as they are not spending 10-20% on the outsourced delivery cost. It is predicted that by 2023, the revenue per customer will increase to 10-15 dollars who offers their own delivery services.

If you have decided to launch the food ordering and food delivery services in the market then it is must for you to know the customer’s expectation or needs which they find in all the online food ordering and food delivery services.

What are the basic features you have to integrate into your food ordering and food delivery services?

As we have discussed above, customers have some expectation or needs from an online food delivery or ordering platform like the time of the delivery, quality of the food and more. Let me list down some of the key points and food ordering statistics which you have to keep in mind before launching your online services in the market:

  • Delivery time of the services Delivery time, as well as speed, is very important in the food industry business. Most of the users switch to the other platforms because of the delivery time. The speed and time of delivery are one of the biggest points in customer satisfaction. You have to take care of the delivery time as the optimal wait time is no more than 60 minutes.
  • Deliver good quality food Around 82% of the orders are placed from the home, so it is required to offer good quality and healthy food to their customers.
  • Offers and discounts offer on weekends and festivals On Weekends and festivals, the volume of the customers gets increased, so it is required for you to provide the discount and offer to engage more customers towards your services.

So from the above discussion, you probably get the idea that the online food delivery business is very huge and day by day the food industry is rising in the market. Before finalizing the business model you have to do the proper research for the success of your business.

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