Call a Waiter App

Digitize your Restaurant system by offering a Call a waiter app to your customer and increase customer adherence towards your restaurant by providing such a convenience service to them. Call a waiter app helps you to manage your visitor order efficiently. Customers can easily call a waiter by sending a notification to their smartwatch whenever required without disturbing the peace of your Restaurant.


Benefits of Food Delivery app

Make work effective

By having a Call a Waiter app in your restaurant you can work effectively and this makes it easy for your customer as well as waiters to get connected.

Increase Visitors satisfaction

Call a Waiter app to increase your visitor’s satisfaction by providing this kind of digitized service. As per the statistics, very few restaurants are using this solution.

Maximize Revenue

Having a Call a waiter app is equalizing to providing more convenient service to your customers which leads to an increase in sales as well as revenue.

Hike quality of services

Launch a Call a Waiter App to hike the quality of services of your restaurant. Call a waiter app is reliable to utilize and it also consumes less time to process orders.

Peaceful Environment

Call a waiter app maintains the Peace of your Business environment as there is no need to shout to your customer for a waiter, they can easily notify the waiter whenever required.

Easily Track Waiters

By having a Call a waiter app, you can easily track the performance as well as activities of your waiters.

The Feature list of Call a Waiter app

Scan QR Code

In Call a Waiter app, Customer has to scan the QR code to access the functionality of a Call a Waiter app.

Add details and Table number

After Scanning the QR code, Customers can easily add some basic information like name, a number of people and Table number.

Request a Waiter

In Call a Waiter App, Customers can easily make a request for a Waiter by sending notification.

Notify whenever required

Customer can easily use this app services and call a waiter whenever they require or order something else from the food menu.

Request for billing

Call a Waiter app also provides the services of billing. When a customer completes their meal they can also make a request for a bill.

Tips to waiter

Customer can easily make payment and also transfer tips directly to the waiter by using payment methods.

Make Complaints

In Call a Waiter app, if a waiter misbehaved or wasting time without any reason then the customer can directly make complaints towards the waiters


Customers can easily share their experience by giving ratings to the waiters who have served them.

Notify about the request.

In Call a waiter app, whenever a customer makes a request all the available waiters get notified on their smartwatch.

Set Availability

In Call a Waiter app, a waiter can easily set their availability.

Accept/Decline the request

A waiter can manage the request and accept /decline the pending request of their customer.

Offer Menu card

In Call a Waiter app, Customers can easily display the menu list of the customer order.

Manage Orders

A waiter can easily manage the order as well as the quantity of food of the customer for preparing the bill.

Manage multiple tables

If the waiter is managing multiple tables then Waiter can change the function to multiple table mode and easily manage customers.

Billing management

Using Call a Waiter app, With managing the customer order waiter can also generate the bill payment of each Table.

Tips management

A waiter can easily manage their Tips which are given by served customers.

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