Food Ordering Marketplace

Get the best Service platform and advanced solution for a food ordering marketplace which scale up your food ordering Business. We assist food startups by understanding their app requirements in detail and deliver a product as per of their expectation or helpful for Business growth. With customized Food Ordering Marketplace Platform Development, we also provide the clone app of some of the popular food ordering marketplace apps like Zomato and Swiggy.


Benefits of a Food Ordering Marketplace

Create Brand Awareness

By introducing Food Ordering Marketplace, you can easily create your own brand awareness by using various online tools.

Provide Various option

As the name Suggest, Food ordering marketplace is an On-demand platform which provides various choice options to their customers.

Sales Forecasting

Food Ordering Marketplace helps in sales forecasting, as you can easily estimate or predict about your future sales.

Customer Satisfaction and loyalty

Food Ordering Marketplace platform helps in gaining your customer satisfaction and having a Food Ordering Marketplace helps in increasing your customer engagement as well as loyalty towards your brand.

Track and manage Earning

Food Ordering Marketplace system helps you in tracking and managing the earning as well as performance.

Direct Marketing and promotion

Food Ordering Marketplace is an online platform, so it’s easy for you as well as the customer to socialize your platform.

Provide various payment options

Food Ordering Marketplace offers various secure payment gateway options which provide convenience to your customer.

Manage customer relationships

Food Ordering Marketplace helps you to easily manage the customer relationship by integrating customer management systems.

Features of a Food Ordering Marketplace

Search and filter

After setting up the profile, customers can easily access the search and filter bar for finding the best and nearby restaurant.

Check the Menu List

In Food ordering Marketplace, after selecting the restaurant customer can also access the menu list.

Check Details

In Food Ordering Marketplace, customers can easily check the food details of all the restaurants along with its images, videos and price.

Add to Cart

After selecting the food or before ordering, the customer can access the cart functionality to know the total cost.

Make Order

After finalizing the food, the customer can order their food from their favourite customer.

Food Ordering Marketplace App Development

Make Payment

As we know, Food Ordering Marketplace offers various payment gateways for making payment after ordering the food.

Access History

Customers can easily access their history which helps them to make a quick order of their favourite food.

Track Order

Food Ordering marketplace allows users to track their food delivery in-app.

Access offer and coupon codes

Customers can easily access their history which helps them to make a quick order of their favourite food.

Reviews, Rating and feedback

After the delivery of food, customers can give their feedback about services.

Profile management

In Food Ordering marketplace, restaurants can easily set up and manage their profile by adding some brief introduction about their restaurant.

Listing menu

A restaurant can easily manage and add their restaurant menu by using the listing menu functionality of food Ordering marketplace.

Managing menu

Managing menu

Update gallery

In Food ordering marketplace, restaurants can upload images of their restaurant and maintain a gallery to increase visitors.

Order management

The restaurant gets notified when a customer makes an order from their restaurant.

Notify Driver

In Food Ordering Marketplace, after preparing a food restaurant panel can notify the driver for picking up the parcel.

Update status

Restaurant Panel can easily update food status from preparing to off to deliver.

Manage payment

Restaurant panel can easily manage the payment of their orders.

Supervise availability

In food ordering marketplace, drivers can easily set or supervise their availability.

Get notified for order

The driver gets notified about the order preparation from the restaurant.

Accept/reject the request

In food ordering marketplace, drivers can easily manage the request by accepting or decline the pending request.

Navigation integration

There is Map or navigation integration in the Food ordering marketplace to guide drivers for reaching a destination.

Food Ordering App Development

Update status

A driver can also update the status of food from pick up to deliver at the proper location.

Access history

Food ordering marketplace also provides history access services to the driver from which they can easily access their history for more convenience.

Access customer details

A driver can access the details of a customer who has made a delivery service request.

Payment Management

In Food ordering marketplace, the driver can easily manage the payment given by the customer for delivery services.

Admin Dashboard

Admin of a food ordering marketplace can easily manage the dashboard by tracking the current activities and performance.

Manage Restaurant Profile

Food ordering marketplace admin can easily manage and operate all the restaurant profiles which are registered in their platform.

Manage delivery services

Admin has to manage the delivery services by notifying nearby Drivers for a delivery service request

Order management

Food Ordering marketplace Admin has to manage all the food ordering requests and keep and manage all records.

Food Ordering App Development

Push notification

Food Ordering marketplace admin has to manage and push notification of order to the restaurant as well as drivers.

Mange offers and coupon code

Food ordering marketplace Admin has to manage the discount and coupon code for their customers or users.

Track performance

Admin can easily track the performance, payment, activities and also generate weekly, monthly reports for better understanding of performance.

Payment and commission management

Food ordering marketplace can easily manage their payment as well as commission.

Our Strength

Experienced Developers

We provide an innovative solution for all kinds of food ordering marketplace. We have a skilled group of developers, who are experts in providing the best and unique solution.

Robust Portfolio

We Boast a wide category of successful food ordering websites as well as Food Ordering mobile apps.


Along with a simple food ordering platform, we are highly efficient and proficient in developing complex Food ordering platforms. 

Meeting Deadlines

For food website and app development, we Strictly follow the project deadline as well as project milestones.

Maintenance support

We give Maintenance support during the development of software as well as after the deployment of the project for some period of time.

Cross-platform Development

We have a proficient team of developers who can execute your food startup idea into the advanced website and Mobile apps across Android and IOS Mobile platforms.


Our Portfolio

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