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Driver Tracking app is obligatory for all kinds of delivery services business like Food Delivery, Courier services, E-commerce services and many more services. If you are having a Food Delivery business then it is very important for you to have a Driver Tracking app because this will make the process much easier ad faster for the business.

Driver Tracking app will help you to keep track of the drivers if you are offering food delivery services to the customer doorstep. For successful food delivery services, it is very important fro you have a better On Demand driver tracking app, so you can keep track of the delivery as well as helps drivers with any problems.

Food Ordering Website is a leading web and app development company. We are highly experienced in providing the best app and web app solution for a food business including the Driver tracking app. If you are looking for a Foremost Driver Tracking app development Company then you are at the right place.

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Benefits of Driver Tracking App Development

Having a Driver Tracking app is very beneficial for your business because by this you do not have to rely on the drivers, the work can be automatically done by the Mobile app. The driver gets notify about the orders, they can accept and deliver the orders.

For a restaurant owner or a food delivery business owners, you can easily track the drivers as well as the delivery services and confirms that the delivery is on time for the customers. Before launching a Driver Tracking app, you have to know more benefits of having an On demand Driver Tracking app.

Track Drivers

Having a Driver Tracking app, you can easily track your drivers or track driver’s activity.

Features of a Driver Tracking App Development

  • Manage location

    In Driver Tracking App, Driver Can easily manage their current location. A driver can also set their availability in-app.

  • Manage request

    A driver can easily manage the delivery request, notified by the admin for a nearby location.

  • Accept/Reject the request

    In Driver Tracking App, Driver can accept or reject the delivery service request in some limited time period.

  • Map Integration

    In Driver Tracking app, Map is also integrated for the convenience of the driver. Map Integration helps a driver to reach destination faster.

  • Pickup /Dropoff location details

    After accepting the request of food delivery, Driver gets the order details like time to pick up and dropoff location of the customer along with customer registered contact details.

  • Notify Admin

    In Driver tracking app, if any issue occurs in between the delivery services then the driver can easily send the alert message to the admin.

  • Chat module

    In Driver Tracking app, Chat module is also integrated by which driver and admin can communicate directly whenever required.

  • Manage Payment

    Some of the customers choose the Cash on the delivery payment method, so to keep record and manage that payment a managed payment option is integrated into the Drivers module.

  • Scheduling Management

    In Driver Tracking app, By just one click admin can easily manage fleet through effective scheduling.

  • Manage Drivers

    Admin can easily check the available driver as well as a vehicle for allotting the delivery services.

  • Notify drivers

    In Driver Tracking app, Admin can notify the nearby drivers about the delivery service request.

  • Track driver’s Behaviour

    After allotting the delivery service to the driver, Admin can track the real-time behaviour or action of the driver.

  • Track vehicle performance

    In Driver tracking app, Along with tracking the driver, the Admin can also track the vehicle performance like the vehicle status, vehicle condition as well as the utilization of fuel.

  • Chat Module

    In Driver Tracking app, Chat module is also integrated by which driver and admin can communicate directly whenever required.

  • Send Payment

    Admin can manage and send the payments to the drivers in-app.

  • Push notification

    In the driver tracking app, Admin can easily send the notification to the driver in case of transferring any important information.

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Josef, Owner of Craftbrewery kit.com



“Excellent, very good communication. Thanks 5*”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Driver Tracking app?

Driver Tracking app is a software solution that helps owners as well as customers to easily keep track of the driver.

How much does it cost to develop a Driver Tracking app?

The cost of developing a Driver Tracking app mainly depends on various factors like the size of the app, features, functionality, designing and more. the approximate cost of developing a Drive tracking app is range from 3000USd to 19000USD.

Is it possible to have a Driver Tracking app available on IOS and Android?

Yes, it is possible to have a Driver Tracking app for both Androids as well as IOS if you choose the cross platforms technology.

Is the Driver tracking software integrated with Maps?

Yes, the Driver Tracking app is integrated with the maps for the convenience of the driver.

Is an Internet connection required to send notifications to the driver?

No, you can also integrate an SMS system for your users. So they can communicate with each other through SMS.

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