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If you are looking for the best pizza delivery app development services then you are at the right place. We are at The App Ideas provides the best and unique solution for Pizza delivery app which helps you to bloom and expand your pizza delivery business with the acquisition of profit.


Benefits of a Food Ordering Marketplace

Boost customer Satisfaction

Pizza delivery app helps you to satisfy your customer. As per the research, most of the pizza orders are placed using the pizza delivery app because it is fast and time-saving.

Increase sales and Customer

Pizza delivery app supports you in increasing sales as well as a customer by offering the convenience service of online ordering of their favourite Pizza.

Improved Operational performance

Pizza delivery app accommodates in improving operational performance by tracking revenue, easy order management and customer data.

Easy revenue management

Pizza delivery app helps in easily managing the revenue and payment.

Boost Marketing Strategies

Pizza delivery app supports and makes the marketing process easier as it is easy to socially share and market your services.

Stay ahead of all Competition

As per the research, very few pizza business owners are using this pizza delivery app. So you can also stand out differently from your competition by having your own pizza delivery app.

The feature list of Pizza Delivery app

Profile creation and management

Users can easily create their account by using their contact number, E-mail id and social media logins.

Check top Pizza option

User can view the top pickup or pizza with its price in the dashboard of their pizza delivery app account and also get notified for new pizza arrival.

Search and filter

User can easily access the search bar for finding their favourite pizza without wasting time.

Pizza and price detail

User can easily check the pizza name with its description and cost.

Add to cart

After making the choices of delicious Pizza, users can add it to the cart before making an order and check the prices.

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Make Pizza order

By just one click user can easily order their favourite pizza by using your pizza delivery app services.

Access the coupon code

User can also access the coupon code for ordering pizza.

Make payment

User can make the payment by using various payment gateway methods.

Track the delivery services

After making the order, the user can also track their pizza by using this feature.

Give feedback and ratings

Users can give feedback and reviews to share their experience with other user.


Admin can easily view and track the current progress with the help of the dashboard.

Catalogue and menu management

In Pizza delivery app, Admin can easily manage the catalogue and can easily make changes in the menu list.

Order management

Admin can easily manage the orders request

Pizza status management

Admin can simply set the status of the pizza like ordered, prepared and off to delivery.

Payment management

Pizza Delivery app makes the payment process easy and it is really easy to manage the payment

Delivery Service management

After getting a Pizza order, Admin has to notify the nearby driver for making the delivery service at a particular location.

Order tracking

Admin can also track the order to check whether the driver is delivering the service on time or not.

Customer reviews management

Admin can check the reviews of the user and also respond to the feedback.

Track weekly and monthly progress

By having a Pizza delivery app, it is easy to track weekly and monthly progress by generating reports.

Get notified for a pizza order

The driver gets notified for any nearby pizza delivery request.

Set availability

A driver can easily set his available and also allow location access.

Accept/decline request

After getting the notification of Pizza delivery request, the driver can easily accept or decline the request

Order /Location details

After accepting the request, the driver can get the details about the order with the users locations.

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Navigation integration

This feature helps in navigation

Status update

In Pizza delivery app, Driver can also have to update their status like a pickup, on the way and delivered.

Track daily earning

A driver can also track their daily progress.

Reviews and ratings

Driver can manage their review and ratings.

Our Strength

Experienced Team

We have an experienced and dedicated team of developers who are experts in providing the best solution for all kinds of food-related startups.

Unique UI/UX

Along with cross-platform development, we offer unique and compatible UI/UX design for all kinds of Pizza Delivery apps.

Advanced functionality

Here at The App Ideas, we provide advanced functionality to food-related platforms which help you to succeed in your business.

Transparent Process

We have a very transparent development process along with a devoted project manager and Support client suggestion.

Competitive Costing

We offer Competitive costing for our Food-related platform development services that is Cost-effective even for Small Scale Industry.

On-Time Project Completion

We offer On-Time Project completion by Strictly following the project deadline while never compromising on testing and experimenting.


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